Monday, July 18, 2011

May Divorce be with You

Perhaps there’s much more to this divorce thing than we should discuss. Divorce could have many false pretenses. When we think about it, is there really a need for divorce in the Philippines? Aren’t we coping well enough as we are right now? When we look at today’s society, we cannot deny that there are many failed relationships that have surfaced since we can remember. But to what reason can we blame these failed relationships? Let’s suppose that we do make divorce legal in our country, what effect would that have on us? People who got legally separated in our country are arguably happy right now with their lives. The only problem is that they can’t marry again. Perhaps it’s a case of learning their lessons?

If we legalize divorce in our country, we will allow separated couples to remarry. What good will that do? One of the arguments of the people in congress who are pushing to pass the bill is that, they want to lessen domestic violence against women and children. If we legalize divorce, what certainty will it give us that domestic violence will not take place again in the second marriage? It all boils down to the circumstances that people are in. Moreover, there’s no assurance that people who get divorced want to find a new spouse.

It’s just a wonder why congress is in a hurry to pass this certain bill. There are many other thing s that they should be putting their minds in to. There are some speculations that they are just using the divorce bill as a segue to distract the attention of the Filipino people from the issues that face the government.

If and when congress passes the said bill, I don’t think that the ordinary people can afford the due process of divorce. The upper class people would be the only ones who can afford it. The rest of the Filipino people will not have a choice whether the bill is passed or not because they don’t have the money to spend for lawyers. It will just be the same for them and it will make no difference. Another thing, I don’t think that the courts will have the time or the resources to deal with the number of cases of divorce that people will file once the bill becomes legalized. The time that it will take for those cases to be processed, and judged will take years to develop.

Lastly, we need to disclose information about this bill so that people would at least know that the what they can get from it. they need to explain it clearly especially to those who are against the bill that having it will make their lives easier. It would take a lot of effort and money for us because we need spend for materials and resources needed. Personal differences can be set aside for the benefit of greater good. Just be civil and not resort to drastic measures. 

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