Monday, July 18, 2011

Good Divorce?

I have laid out some arguments on why I think divorce is not an option at this point so now I am here to point out the good effects of divorce. As we all know, the Philippines is one of the few countries who has not passed the divorce bill and we can clearly see that our catholic orientation has been a dominant factor. In my previous arguments, I have stated that divorce is a way for couples to take marriage for granted. Given this, Filipino Catholics (especially the devout ones) tend to oppose the divorce bill. Marriage is not something that should be taken for granted and I truly believe that any problem between the married couple could be solved given the right opportunity. But what if the problem is beyond the couple’s ability to compromise? Do they still have to force things and make it work even though they have no possible solution to their problems?
Of course annulment is always a choice that every couple can make in order to achieve legal separation but is annulment enough for the growing amount of separation cases in the country? Here is why I think divorce should be implemented in the Philippines. First and foremost, divorce unlike annulment is an easier way to end thing between the couple. You might think that divorce can jeopardize the sacredness of marriage but I think the same can also be true with annulment. My second point is, Divorce is so much faster than annulment. In annulment, a lot of investigation must happen in order for the separation to materialize but in divorce, the consent of the couple is enough. Annulment is more costly than divorce since it takes a long time to process than divorce. Given this, we can clearly see that divorce is a timely option for the Filipino people because majority of the population are suffering from poverty.
A broken family is a bad situation for any child or parent but a whole family that is trying to pretend that everything is okay is even worse. I am not saying that a divorce is necessary for every broken marriage; all I am trying to say is if saving the marriage is not already an option then maybe the best way to end things is through the easiest way. I am a devout catholic and I still think that we must preserve the sanctity of marriage but if things are not working out for everyone then I guess that it is time to face reality and make things easier for everyone. I also know that the easy way out is not always the best way but in situations that involve the welfare of everyone in the family, I think the easy and the fast way should always be prioritized.
At this point, I am still not pro divorce bill but this article made me see the good things we can get from the bill. Of course, the negative effects still outweigh the good ones but I am confident that in time we will all reap the good benefits of the divorce bill.

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