Monday, July 18, 2011

Laws of Attraction

This topic reminds me of the film, “Laws of Attraction”. The film is about the two top divorce lawyers in New York City having opposing clients who want to have a divorce. The two lawyers face each other in court and they desperately want to win the case of their clients for the title of top divorce lawyer in the city. The main reason for the divorce is that the husband keeps on having affairs with other girls since he is a famous rock star. In the middle of the film, the couple was having a discussion regarding the separation of their properties. It seems they made the job of their lawyers a lot easier when both of them were only asking for one thing. Unfortunately, they are asking for the same thing. In an effort to win the case, both the lawyers went to Finland in order to gather information against their client’s opponents. When they got there in the evening, they had to wait until morning for the caretaker to arrive. In order to kill time, they went to a local bar. They found themselves enjoying each other’s company and soon enough, they were drowning in alcohol. Next morning when they woke up, they found out that they got married last night. They agreed to get a divorce when they get back to New York City and just forget things. As the plot of the film progressed, they grew fond of each other and eventually led to them living together.

This film paints a funny picture of how people can get too hasty with their decisions. They resort to having a quick solution to something that turned out to be not a problem after all. Taken from this example, if divorce was legal here in our country, people would have that tendency to resort to this quick solution to their relationship problem. Which could be very well a waste of opportunity to fix a problem that could still be fixed. If couples really love each other, they will find a way to work out their differences  and fall back to each other. This is why investing time in pre-marital relationship is very important. This is also the reason why I don’t believe in irreparable differences between couples. Irreparable differences only happen when they married the wrong person.  Marrying the wrong person would not happen if they took time to get to know each other very well.

It seems so easy but it’s really difficult to do, especially with the present condition of our society. What we need right now is to strengthen the bond between couples. But that lies within the family only. No outside force or influence can do that for them. In fact, in some cases, outside influences are the ones pushing couples to part ways. Of course, these opinions are coming from a stranger’s point of view. Like I said in the previous entries, only couples can fix their problems. Only they can resolve issues regarding themselves and their family.

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