Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Hot Topic

So everyone's talking about divorce today. What's the importance of divorce anyway? For me, there are more important topics to be discussed than the failed relationships of Filipinos. I don’t know why we insist on copying every aspect of the United States. We keep on comparing ourselves to them. I think it’s time for us Filipinos to make something new of ourselves in this world and step out of the shadows of the imperial U.S.

This post serves as a shout out to our humble lawmakers in congress. We should focus more on the issues that are continuously ravaging our country for the past few decades. First, the education in our country needs a whole lot more attention and budget from our government. How can we have a society filled with failed relationships when we already have a society filled with uneducated and misinformed children? It’s time we focus on the more important issues surrounding us. Misinformation is drastically deteriorating the quality of students that our schools are producing. Focus more on education and less time on divorce.

The next issue that I feel that needs to be addressed in our country is poverty. Each year, more and more families are saying that they are below the poverty line. We really can’t point to a definite cause for the poverty in our country. A lot of factors can be attributed to the given poverty situation. But one thing is for sure, we are not giving enough attention to it. Perhaps we are too preoccupied with the trivial things that will make us look good in the eyes of other countries.

The last issue that I would like to discuss is corruption. I feel that this is the biggest problem that we’re facing right now. This problem contributes to the development of other problems in our country. It’s really hard to do the right thing especially when we’re in power. Saying no to something that will give you all the comfort and luxury that you can get your hands on is almost impossible. The problem of corruption in our government directly leads to the earlier two problems above discussed. Funds which are intended for the benefit of the common good aren’t being properly handled. In fact, in some cases, funds aren’t even being delivered at all. It’s really hard to be selfless when there are millions and millions of pesos that you can benefit from.

If you can deduce from the statements above, it all boils down to the willingness to make a difference. Filipinos have that tendency of going with the flow. We all get that typical “bahala na” mindset that we don’t even realize that it it’s the main reason why we are in this current situation in the first place. If we all just have the willingness and the right mind to make this country a better place to live in for us Filipinos, I think we can all surpass other countries in the world. If we want to be like the United States so bad, we should first want to be ourselves first. We should make that distinct Filipino identity of success that we can boast to other nations.

We are a nation of hard working people, and not a nation of maids and domestic helpers. We are a nation of capable individuals who can excel in every aspect of living. We can compete with the best of the world, and we can be the best in the world.

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