Monday, July 18, 2011

Divorce and the Legal Process

Do people really understand the difference between divorce and legal separation? If you ask me there are only a few differences between the two. People say that legal separation takes a longer time than divorce that’s why divorce is better than just legal separation. Given the justice system here in our country, I don’t think that will necessarily be the case. A simple theft or robbery case takes so long to be settled in court. Unless you’re a big shot celebrity or government official, if you’re an accused criminal, you won’t even know that your case is being processed or anything. Worst comes to worst, you’re in jail without even knowing the duration of your sentence or without being sentenced at all. The justice system in our country needs more consistency .

When we think about it, why do people even consider about getting a divorce or legal separation in the first place? Why do people part ways? Could it be that one of them has become unfaithful? Could it be that one of them has just lost interest in the other? Or could it be that they married the wrong person? We really can’t tell what’s best for other’s relationship. What people don’t realize is that they should think well and through before they make that solemn vow.

Another thing that people say about divorce is that it would cost less and that it would be more efficient than legal separation. Again, given the justice system in our country and all the under the table transactions that go on, it would be just like any other case filed. Let’s face it, the only way for a case to progress significantly if you’re an ordinary citizen of our country is that if you have connections or give tips to people in positions.

The last thing that I would like to point out in this entry is that, divorce wouldn’t be a solution for a problem in a relationship. Again, I don’t believe in what they say as irreparable differences between couples. For me being in a relationship would mean that though sickness and health, through good times and bad, they should always stand together and work it out. As said in the constitution, the law shall protect the family at all cost. It doesn’t state that the law shall promote the separation of the couple when they face troubles. Naturally, when divorce is made legal, there is now the option for couples to part ways. Making divorce legal just makes the couple more vulnerable to separation even if what they’re facing can still be fixed. It encourages them to drastically put the family in jeopardy with its mere presence. That’s the main selling point of divorce.

People should take responsibility for their actions. Face the consequences and work them out like a family. Divorce should not be an option. Divorce should not even be in the mindset of the Filipino couple. Divorce is a social cancer. 

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